Fine Arts Design is a service provided to the university and Kirksville non-profit organizations by the Art Department and the Design program. Fine Arts Design is a student run and managed design service. Fine Arts Design is a experiential learning environment where student designers are gaining professional experiences working with clients, managing design expectations and working with deadlines.

Do projects flow through the process smoothly? Not all the time, because the student designers and art directors are learning how to apply their design skills to “live” projects. Every project is a learning experience and has the potential to exceed the experience base necessary to assure complete client satisfaction. Please approach working with Fine Arts Design designers with this in mind. The student designers and art directors are dedicated to providing you the best service and results their experience and talent can provide.

Fine Arts Design designers are Design program students working institutional, scholarship and work study jobs. The student designers typically only work 4 hours per week and are expected to work on projects and to communicate with clients ONLY during their scheduled work hours. Please note the Fine Arts Design designer work schedules that are posted in the right column of this webpage. Fine Arts Design projects do not supersede Design Program or university assignments or expectations.

Design and production options vary depending upon the time frame in which Fine Arts Design has to produce a project.