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Design Guidelines

To decrease potential problems when working on a design with a Fine Arts Design designer, please follow the following guidelines.

  • All information needed for a design should be organized and any desired design ideas and thoughts should be included in the submission
  • Submit only final “approved” copy. All copy should be proof read and free of typos prior to submission. Fine Arts Design designers will not copy edit provided copy. Copy must be submitted as a .txt or .rft file without formatting or inserted/placed graphics
  • Any pixel-based, raster graphics or photographs that you have created or desire for use in the design should be submitted as .jpg or .tif file. Raster graphics and photographs should be at a minimum of 150 ppi at the estimated size that you want to use the image in the design
  • Any vector graphics (charts or logos) that you have created should be submitted as an .eps file
  • FAC or SAB approval and logo usage is the responsibility of the submitter.
  • All desired copy, images and graphics are requested to be submitted only once at the time of initiating the online design request

NOTE: If the design project requires multiple files, please zip or create a disk image of the files to submit as one .zip or .dmg file.

NOTE: Fine Arts Design does not accept Microsoft Word, Works, Excel or Powerpoint files. Please submit copy, photography and graphics in the formats specified in the guidelines. 

NOTE: Fine Arts Design does not accept or use any copyright protected images or graphics without written permission of the originator of the image or graphic.

The Design Process

Working with a graphic designer to develop a design is a collaborative process. Fine Arts Design designers can work with you to develop a design from scratch or work with your rough layout sketches. Please keep in mind the student designers have taken multiple Visual Communications classes and have developed visual design aesthetics, techniques and knowledge that the average student hasn’t. Trust their creative input, design suggestions and production knowledge. Student designers consult often with their student Art Directors and faculty advisor to develop a solution to any creative problem. The student designers are tasked to solve all problems that arrive in Fine Arts Design regardless of the time frame. Time frame, budget and production issues can alter the original parameters of a design request. The designers in consultation with Fine Arts Design’s faculty advisor may offer alternatives if the time frame does not allow for successful completion of the requested work.

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